Launch of LBGT+ Chaplaincy in the Diocese of Bangor

The Rev’d Dominic McClean

The Diocese of Bangor has announced the first meeting and worship of a new Chaplaincy in the Diocese. 

The Rev’d Dominic McClean

At 6pm on Monday, May 22, at St Mary’s Church in Menai Bridge will see the setting up of a Chaplaincy for people who consider themselves to be members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex and Asexual community.

It is intended that the Chaplaincy will meet in different parts of the Diocese, offering a safe and sacred space where LGBT+ Christian people can worship together as well as supporting each other on their Christian journeys.

The Chaplaincy will be the first Open Table group in the Diocese. Open Table is a national ecumenical organisation which encourages LGBT+ Christians to meet together.

The Chaplain of this new Chaplaincy is the Rev’d Dominic McClean, who is also the Diocese’s Director of Discipleship and Vocations.

Looking forward to next Monday, he said: ‘In an ideal world a Chaplaincy such as this would not be necessary. But the LGBT+ Christian community is one that needs affirming within our Church.

“So this Chaplaincy will offer a place where LGBT+ people can be themselves as they worship and express their love for God and Jesus, as well as being a pastoral resource where people can be together and support one another. 

“I’m so pleased that there has been much support from people in the Ministry Areas of the Diocese when they have learned about this new Chaplaincy. I have also been working closely with the Rev’d Sarah Hildreth, who is the Chaplain of a similar Chaplaincy in the Diocese of St Asaph, which began its journey last year.’

The Bishop of Bangor, the Right Reverend Andy John, said: ‘I am very pleased that Dominic has taken on this role and opportunity with this new Chaplaincy. Jesus listened to all and he valued each individual who came to him and expressed a love for God, regardless of their standing or background.

“I wholeheartedly welcome this new venture in the life of our diocese. This Chaplaincy is an opportunity for the Church to be exactly the same, and to be inclusive, celebrating the diversity of all people who have been created in God’s image, and seek to love and worship God as they are. I am looking forward to the worship and meeting on Monday, May 22. As a diocese we are called to love all God’s people, and this new Chaplaincy is an important sign of our diocese’s commitment to equality.”