Only Men Aloud in Bardsey Island special


Some of Wales’ most famous writers and thinkers have escaped to Bardsey Island off the Lleyn Peninsula for inspiration and solace.

Now, one of the world’s most famous singing ensemble, Only Men Aloud, have been there to look for inspiration as we will discover in a Christmas Eve special on S4C.

In the programme Only Men Aloud: Y Bois ar Enlli to be shown on S4C on December 24 (9.30pm), we see how they cope for a week without electricity, phones, a shower and with only a bucket for a loo!

Only Men Aloud, one of the UK’s most successful choirs, has recently gone through a transformation from a choir to a honed and toned eight-piece ensemble.

In the process of discovering a fresh sound and in preparation for a Christmas Day show on S4C, music director, Tim Rhys-Evans and members of the group go on a pilgrimage to the peace and quiet of Bardsey Island.

Then, on Christmas Night on S4C (9.30) viewers can enjoy the show Only Men Aloud – Y Sioe in which the boys perform new arrangements of traditional and popular Welsh songs.

As well as unique renditions of Welsh songs, Only Men Aloud will perform some of the classics from international composers such as Burt Bacharach and Simon & Garfunkel.


Only Men Aloud: Y Bois ar Enlli – Christmas Eve 9.30pm, S4C.

English subtitles available.

Only Men Aloud: Y Sioe – Christmas Day 9.30pm, S4C