Wrexham Pizza Express Waiter Robert serves up out of this world Star Wars costumes

Robert Williams-Day with the Star Wars Tusken Raider mask he created.

A waiter has served up the perfect way to celebrate his love of film and deal with his crippling dyslexia at the same time – making out-of-this-world Star Wars costumes.

Robert Williams-Day, 30, who works at Pizza Express at Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre in Wrexham, is a massive fan of the blockbuster move franchise that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Robert Williams-Day with the Star Wars Tusken Raider mask he created.

So when he’s not dishing out the pizza, Robert’s making Star Wars outfits for his son, Rhys, 10, and himself to wear at comic convention events and film premieres.

According to Robert, it’s really helped him connect with Rhys who’s also a huge Star Wars fan.

The two of them can’t wait for the next chapter in the epic series, Solo: A Star Wars Story, that’s centred on the story of character of Hans Solo who was originally played by Harrison Ford.

It’s due to hit the screens at the nearby Odeon cinema at Eagles Meadow on Friday, May 25.

Robert said: “I got into making costumes and Star Wars in particular, by accident really. I’d love to work on an actual film. I just love the concept of taking an idea and developing it and creating something amazing on a cheap budget.

“I have always struggled with my dyslexia and attended St David’s College in Llandudno because of it. But I have learnt to be able to read some books to my son, books I loved as a child like The Hobbit, Just William and now Harry Potter.

“The difference is I had to have audio books. I’ve listened to hundreds of thousands of hours of audio books and still do. I listen to audio books as it’s so much easier than trying to read myself.

“Perhaps that’s why I find costume making so therapeutic, I’m far better at making things with my hands than anything that makes it difficult because of my dyslexia. It’s not just costumes I like anything creative and am currently making a pirate ship.”

He added: “I made a Star Wars Tusken Raider costume for myself and an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume and for Rhys I made Luke Skywalker and a Jawa costumes.

“We wore them to several Comic Convention events around Wrexham and the last Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, which we saw at the Odeon in Eagles Meadow.

“The Tusken Raider costume was the hardest as the helmet is made of cast resin and all the cloth and gloves had to be dyed to make them look aged.

“And the mask for the Jawa costume I made for Rhys has eyes that light up. I used a small torch that I cut in half and used both ends with one battery in each half. It works really well.”

Robert says he and his wife Sian are still celebrating the birth of their daughter Amelia who is now 16 weeks old.

He said: “Sian isn’t too impressed with my costume making and I don’t think she really sees the point. However, the fact she sees Rhys and myself bonding and enjoying what we are doing makes her really happy.

“I also enjoy working at Pizza Express at Eagles Meadow. We have a lot of regular customers and it’s always nice meeting new people. It’s a busy place and has a great atmosphere.

“I particularly enjoy it when we have school children visiting and learning how to make pizza. I always enjoy teaching them and running the class.”

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley is amazed by Robert’s spectacular costume designs.

He said: “It never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the hidden talents of Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre retail and restaurant staff.

“Robert is clearly a big talent when it comes to costume design. I’m sure he gets a great deal of pleasure from creating Star Wars costumes for himself and his son which they can wear to screenings here at the Odeon in Eagles Meadow.”