Arfon MP calls for road and rail cash injection

Hywel Williams MP at Bangor Railway Station.

 Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, Hywel Williamswill today (Wednesday) use a debate in Parliament to make the case for a ‘cash injection’ into North Wales’ roads and railways in order to revive the local economy.


Plaid Cymru has recently made the case for a modest 1% of UK GDP increase in infrastructure investment that would secure an extra £950m for Wales each year. This would mean millions more to develop the North Wales roads and railways network, generating jobs and boosting economic growth.


Mr Williams said that the Westminster government had neglected North Wales for far too long and that it was time to create a transport network fit for the twenty-first century.


Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Williams said: “Plaid Cymru has long championed investment in North Wales’ infrastructure in order to create jobs and boost the local economy.

“Our plans to increase infrastructure investment by 1% of UK GDP would secure millions of pounds for the area in order to radically transform our transport network.

“From Holyhead to the border, roads and railways across north Wales are crying out for investment. A cash injection of the kind proposed by Plaid would connect communities, make journeys more enjoyable for tourists and commuters, and create jobs for local people.


“A top task on our to-do list is the electrification of the North Wales main line. The tracks between London and Glasgow were electrified forty years ago – if it’s good enough for England and Scotland, it’s good enough for Wales.


“Currently, Welsh taxpayers are also set to contribute up to £4bn for the HS2 rail project that will be built entirely in England. Wales must get its fair share of funding for this Westminster vanity project.


“The A55 is a vital route across North Wales and we also have its repair and renewal in our sights. Slow road works and flooding have been causing drivers misery for years – it’s time we put a stop to this.


“We also want to see a third bridge built across the Menai Straits in order to ease congestion on the existing two bridges and make daily traffic jams a thing of the past.


“Plaid Cymru understands the needs of Welsh communities. We are committed to getting the North Wales economy on track so we can swap second-class treatment from Westminster for world-class transport for Wales.”