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Bingo! Gertrude celebrates her 102nd birthday at Wrexham care home

A bingo-loving great-great-grandmother who was born in 1917 when the First World War was at its height, Buffalo Bill Cody died and Houdini performed...

Think outside the box like Alan Sugar

Budding entrepreneurs have been encouraged to "think outside the box" if they want to follow in footsteps of TV tycoon Alan Sugar. Around 100 pupils...

Gwynedd musician Nia defies doctors orders to take part in charity...

A Gwynedd musician-in-residence defied doctor’s orders to run a half marathon to raise money for a charity she cares passionately about. Nia Davies Williams, 46,...
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DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus 4K Ultra HD Aerial videography

DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus 4K Ultra HD Aerial videography snow in north wales 2015 https://walesexpress.com/category/tech-and-gadgets/

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The Dressmaker Review

ARRIVING again on screen after appearing in last week’s release Steve Jobs, Kate Winslet takes the lead in The Dressmaker, a hybridity of dark...

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