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Boris Johnson abandons three campaign events in 24 hours after facing...

The Prime Minister has abandoned three campaign events in 24 hours after facing the prospect of angry protesters. With just days to go until polling...

Fireworks at Steve Pablo’s house Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night at Steve Pablo's house in Caernarfon, North Wales http://walesexpress.com/bonfire-night-caernarfon-north-wales/

Lexus UX road test by Steve Rogers

This is going to sound ridiculous but I lost my rag with the car's voice control. Yes, it is a computer and cannot answer back...

Truck driver whose dad is battling prostate cancer joins facial ‘hair...

A TRUCK driver whose dad is battling prostate cancer has been part of a team bristling with enthusiasm about a fund-raising drive to raise...
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Gadgets and Technology

Bitcoin News and Market Sentiment Vs. Reality. Must Watch Video

How Do You Separate Bitcoin Market Facts from Opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCDegKhvVbw The first thing you should do when getting involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is to...

Gaming Mouse

Entertainment News

Coffee shop helps tots to mind their Welsh language in weekly...

A community-minded coffee shop is helping to brew up interest in learning the Welsh language from the earliest possible age. Starbucks at the Eagles Meadow...

lifestyle News

Mum, 40, speaks out after two decades of vicious abuse by...

A North Wales woman has revealed how her brutal and controlling ex-husband broke her arms, shattered her jaw, shaved her head and made her...

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