Bitcoin to 14k or 12k in 2020 and will Paypal news takes Bitcoin to new highs


Bitcoin to 14k or 12k in 2020? Let’s take a quick look at 1 hour chart and see if Paypal’s latest publicity stunt actually has any effect as to where Bitcoin moves next.

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Since Bitcoin began, we have big players like Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorgan Chase calling Bitcoin a scam, and shortly after being found to be involved in illegal activities and just a few months later becoming the biggest Bitcoin supporters after abusing the only public owned Bitcoin brand name to attract attention to himself and his public trust abusing companies.

The fear of missing out on the action affects everyone regardless of their position or background, specially when you realize the future of your company is bleak.

Paypal is well known for freezing and abusing their customers accounts without warning, the internet is full of stories of Paypal abuse, so why should we trust them going forward why do we need their services?

Bitcoin was designed to eliminate the middleman just like Paypal and central banks and give people full control over their finances. Today, we can send Bitcoin to and from anywhere in world in minutes without being questioned. also Bitcoin is not refundable, meaning it’s a one way transaction only, forcing people to make better decisions and question everything before making a payment using Bitcoin, if in doubt stay out.

Right now, Bitcoin is making record highs, and I believe we could be seeing Bitcoin at 29 to 39k in the next 6 months. It’s never too late to get involved with Bitcoin.

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