Caeathro’s community comes together to collect rubbish

Mari and Luned were amongst those that volunteered at Caeathro.

Residents from Caeathro near Caernarfon have been taking pride in their local environment following a morning of litter picking in the area.


Following recent complaints about high levels of litter around the village, member of the community came together recently for a litter pick after borrowing equipment from Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns scheme.


Councillor John Wynn Jones, Gwynedd Council Environment Cabinet Member said: “It’s very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm to improve the local environment from Caeathro residents.

“I hope this initiative and the residents pride in their community will inspire other areas around the county and that other towns and villages in Gwynedd will benefit from their enthusiasm and commitment to the Tidy Towns scheme to improve the local environment.”


Caeathro Community Councillor, Hannah Hughes added: “I would like to thank everyone who came to support the litter pick. It was a great opportunity for Caethro residents to come together to make a difference to our village, and they managed to collect 16 full bags of rubbish.


“It’s great to have the support of Gwynedd Council and the Tidy Towns scheme to work together by providing equipment to collect the litter to improve our local environment.”


And who knows, there might be an opportunity to establish a Caeathro Community Pride group.

Anyone who would  like to establish a Caeathro Community Pride group to arrange events in the community, are welcome to contact Hannah Hughes on 01286 672344 / 07816316236.


Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Officer, Jonathan Neale said: “There’s nothing better to raise the spirits of our residents than seeing other locals getting together to improve their communities by collecting rubbish etc. Civic pride such as this often inspires other to help out and shame those who throw rubbish.”


If you’d like to start your own community group to improve your local environment, please contact Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Officer for a community pack.


It is a crime to throw rubbish in any public place, and those convicted of doing so could face a fine of up to £2,500.

The Tidy Towns scheme is funded by a Welsh Government grant as part of a scheme which aims to improve the local environment.

For more information about Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns scheme, contact the team on 01766 771000 or send an e-mail to