Despair turns to joy for Karen after landing her dream job at Wrexham Boots

Karen Carrigan

A sales floor manager who was left devastated when the BHS chain collapsed has gone from heartbreak to joy after landing a dream job.

Karen Carrigan

Mum-of-two and grandmother-of-four Karen Carrigan, from Rossett, has been appointed assistant manager at Boots at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham.

Karen’s departure from BHS was particularly difficult because she was given the “horrible task” of travelling around the doomed stores helping to close them down for good.

She said: “It was devastating the way the whole thing ended with BHS. There were members of staff who had been there for 30 years, some from Wrexham that were just finished and lost their jobs.

“I was one of the luckier ones in that I had only been with BHS for around two years. Previously I’d been with fashion outlets Wallis and Principles for more than 23 years.

“But my job with BHS involved helping to close down stores. I was part of the team that closed down the Wrexham store and then I moved onto Manchester and finally Liverpool, which was one of the last to close.”

She added: “After I finished with BHS I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but Boots were one of the companies that have been very supportive of former BHS staff.

“I was invited on an assessment day with Boots and was then offered the role of assistant manager here at Boots in Eagles Meadow.

“It seems that out of what was really a horrible and sad situation something positive happened and I’m delighted to be now working for Boots.”

According to Karen, she’s loving every minute at Boots and is enjoying learning new skills.

She added: “I have always worked in retail but mainly in fashion stores. Boots is something new and I have really enjoyed learning new products whether pharmacy, beauty or optical.

“It’s very different but Boots as a company have been fantastic and the team I work with here at Eagles Meadow are wonderful. It’s a lovely busy store and I really enjoy meeting and working with our customers. It’s a dream job for me.”

“I was really devastated when BHS closed and being tasked with helping close down stores was awful. I’m just delighted to be now working at Boots. It’s a whole new lease of life and something positive after what was an awful experience.”

Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre manager Kevin Critchley says he’s delighted Karen found a new role at Boots.

He said: “Losing such a big name like BHS was a real shock for the retail world. However, I’m pleased progressive companies like Boots had the foresight to help former BHS staff such as Karen Carrigan find new roles.

“People like Karen have a wealth of retail experience and no industry can afford to lose that level of expertise.”

“I am sure Karen will enjoy working at Boots, Eagles Meadow and I have no doubt she is an asset to both Boots and Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre.”