DJI Inspire 1 drone crashes and smashes to pieces after auto-takeoff fails …


This is the moment when a drone smashed to pieces after its auto-takeoff failed and hurled the $2,900 device straight into a garage door.

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A brand new DJI Inspire 1 camera drone, designed to capture amazing 4K footage from the sky, suffered a major malfunction for owner Mark Taylor
The $2,900 drone smashed into his garage while on auto-takeoff, which is meant to send the device up in the air
The device ended up smashing into pieces.

DJI Inspire 1 drone crashes and smashes to pieces after auto-takeoff
DJI Inspire 1 drone crashes and smashes to pieces after auto-takeoff

Last couple of flights not stable on auto take off – shimming and drifting. wanted to record if it drifted to send to dji to get settings changed or trouble shoot the issues as it crashed earlier in the am – but was fine 2 times after just a lot of shimming and bobbing in the desert in the open or in the subdivision of the house i was trying to film,’ wrote Taylor on YouTube.

‘We went out and checked everything, recalibrated the compass again even though we hadn’t moved – and this happened with no operator input just in auto take off mode.’

And it most certainly was not Taylor's fault says Mark Tayler
And it most certainly was not Taylor’s fault says Mark Tayler

No word if the cost of the drone gets refunded in this case, or if the device can be repaired.
And it most certainly was not Taylor’s fault says Taylor.
‘This was not an operator error,’ he told Peta Pixel.

To all the people who say I can’t fly, wrong: I have dozens and dozens of flights. [I] started with a Phantom Vision, upgraded to a Guai 840h ground station, you name it.’

So here is my million dollar question for Mark Taylor?

If you knew that something was not right, why did you decide to fly in a confined space… That in itself doesn’t look like an experienced drone pilot choice to me,  just saying!

And, if you have dozens and dozens of flights how come you don’t know yet that Apple devices are very slow and limited and a bad choice to use with drones of any kind?

In this instance you were very lucky that it was only a garage door. it could have been much. much worse.

Drones are not toys, they are  very complicated mechanical devices and require a high concentration of common sense and respectability. and although you are not required to own a licence to fly one, always seek certified and professional advice before flying a drone and read the manuals thoroughly.  

Flying any remote control device its only as safe as you are.

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