Hair and Barber Council to welcome associate members

    Shirley Davis-Fox, Hair and Barber Council board member for Wales.

     The Hair and Barber Council is launching a new initiative to recognise people who are intrinsically important to the industry but are not practicing hairdressers or barbers.

    Shirley Davis-Fox, Hair and Barber Council board member for Wales.

    From July 1, the council will invite individuals with strong links with the hair and barber industry to become associate members. The move will open the door to people employed in manufacturing, wholesaling, awarding bodies, training providers, public relations and marketing, to name but a few sectors.

    “This new initiative will enable all sectors of the industry to join our membership and help us to strengthen our case for mandatory registration of qualified hairdressers and barbers in the future,” said Shirley Davis-Fox, the Hair and Barber Council’s political director and board member for Wales.

    “We are encouraging everyone with strong links with the industry to get registered and be part of making history!”

    Mrs Davis-Fox, who chairs Bridgend-based ISA Training, the largest independent hair and beauty training provider in Wales, has pledged to become the first associate member in Wales and is encouraging others to follow suit.

    The Hair and Barber Council is campaigning to make it compulsory for all qualified hairdressers and barbers to be state registered. Currently, registration is voluntary, which means that the industry is unregulated.

    This lack of regulatory protection allows anyone to set themselves up as a hairdresser or barber and work with potential dangerous chemicals even if they have no qualifications, experience or training.

    The campaign is being led by Mrs Davis-Fox who has lobbied the UK and Welsh Governments to introduce compulsory state registration.

    Mrs Davis-Fox expects associate membership to be very popular. More details about the package will be released by the Hair and Barber Council in the coming weeks, but anyone interested should contact:  or call Tele: 0208 760 7010.