Headteacher appointed for Y Gader All-through Catchment School

Jano Owen being congratulated on her appointment by Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Cabinet Member for Education

The exciting scheme to develop the All-Through Gader Catchment area school has taken an important step forward with the appointment by the Shadow Governing Body of  Jano Owen to the headteacher post.

At present, Jano Owen is the headteacher at Ysgol Bro Tryweryn and Ysgol Bro Tegid and it is anticipated that she will start her new job as Strategic Head at Y Gader All-Through Catchment area school after the Easter holidays.


Mrs Owen will be leading the work of establishing the all-through school in the Gader catchment area, which will be operational in September 2017. The scheme will ensure an investment of £4.3 million to improve the condition and sustainability of school buildings in the area.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Education, said:


“I’m delighted that Mrs Jano Owen has been appointed as the Headteacher to lead the new All-through Gader Catchment area school. Jano is a highly experienced Headteacher and I’m confident that she will bring her extensive experience with her in carrying out her new post, delivering strong leadership in establishing the new school

“It will be quite a challenge to establish a new school and there will a number of matters to  resolve but I have no doubt that Jano will be successful with the help and support of the governors. This appointment is a key part of the process of establishing a pioneering education model in the Y Gader catchment area that will ensure long-term educational stability for the pupils, parents and staff in the area.”


Chair of Y Gader Shadow Governing Body Helen Jones, noted: “It is a pleasure to confirm that the Shadow Board, unanimously appointed Jano Owen as Strategic Head for the  All-Through Gader Catchment area School, following a comprehensive and thorough appointment process. As Chair of the Shadow Governing Body, I’d like to congratulate and wish Jano well on her appointment to this exciting new post, and I’m looking forward to working with her on this innovative scheme.

“A substantial and detailed work programme lies ahead of us in establishing the new School, and we will need to address a number of matters relating to the  transition, but there is no doubt that Jano will be a fantastic leader, whilst also being sensitive and alert to a number of issues, questions and concerns that will inevitably arise within the next few months and beyond.”
Arwyn Thomas, Head of Education at Gwynedd Council, added: “I’m delighted to confirm that Mrs Jano Owen has been appointed as Strategic Head to lead new All-Through Gader Catchment area school. This is an exciting new post that may well prove to be a bench-mark for future schemes. The Gader catchment area is a large and rural area and I’m certain that this pioneering new establishment will meet the needs of the area and also be a sustainable educational establishment for generations to come. All the best to Jano and the governors as they progress to establish a robust framework for the new school.”


Jano Owen is an experienced Headteacher, who has been in post at Ysgol Bro Tryweryn since 1989 and has also been responsible for Ysgol Bro Tegid.

On her appointment, Jano Owen said: “I’m looking forward to establishing and developing the All Through School in Y Gader. It’s an exciting and unique period for the whole area and it will be a pleasure to work with all the children, parents, staff and governors  to ensure that we will have a school which will belong to everyone, with everyone taking ownership over it’s development and success.”