Helfa Gelf exhibition in Oriel Pendeitsh

Oil painting by Philippa Jacobs

Helfa Gelf, in partnership with Gwynedd Council is exhibiting a selection of work from the Helfa Gelf artists from Gwynedd at Oriel Pendeitsh, Caernarfon until November 7.

As part of the Open Studios event, there will be an opportunity in Oriel Pendeitsh to see a collection of paintings, prints, photographs, glass work and more from artists such as Alison Mercer, Richard Jones, Phillipa Jacobs, Iola Edwards, Bill Swann amongst many others.

Oriel Pendeitsh is open 9.30am-4.30pm, seven days a week until the end of October. During the last week of the exhibition, it will be open Monday to Saturday 10am-3.30pm as they change to the winter opening hours.

This year, Helfa Gelf is celebrating its 10th year, and so the biggest open studios event in Wales invite you to visit the artists at work. The artists own studios will be open during the weekend through the duration of September.

Delyth Williams, Gwynedd Council Visual Arts Officer, said: “The Helfa Gelf events are a unique opportunity for members of the public to see how artists go about in creating their work. It will give visitors an opportunity to have a chat with artists and craft workers about their creative work.

“It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about art and crafts in the company of the artists, as well as supporting Gwynedd’s sale produce and supporting the local economy.”

To find out more, see maps, images and the latest news, take a look at the booklet or the website: www.helfagelf.co.uk