Internationally renowned Welsh pony and cob expert launches his long-awaited autobiography

From The Horse's Mouth - Dr Wynne's Diaries will be launched at the Royal Welsh next week.

One of the best-known names and respected figures in the world of Welsh ponies and cobs will launch his autobiography at the Royal Welsh Show this year.

Co-owner of Ceulan Stud, breeding and showing these beautiful animals is in Dr Wynne Davies’ blood.

In his long-awaited autobiography – From the Horse’s Mouth: Dr Wynne’s Diaries – he offers a fascinating portrait of several generations of his family and their connection to ponies and cobs, as well as his life story, which is inextricably linked to the horses.

From Dr Wynne’s early life at Ceulan Stores, Tal-y-bont, to teaching in the Rhondda and the eventual relocation of Ceulan Stud, we follow every step in the life of a man so committed to his field that he was awarded the MBE in 1995 for long-standing dedication to Welsh ponies and cobs.

The book includes over a hundred photographs of Dr Wynne’s family, friends, ponies and cobs. Photos include wonderful moments from the family album, handlers, participants and notable successes at various shows, international travel and a rich collection of Ceulan’s stock.

In her foreword to the book, The Hon Dame Mrs Shân Legge-Bourke says: “When I read Dr Wynne’s first book, I realised that there was very little mentioned as to how or why he got so involved with the Welsh Pony. I am delighted that this interesting and amusing diary has come to fruition, which reveals so much of his life, passion, interest and success over the years.”

Ceulan has a proud tradition of breeding show-winning Welsh ponies and cobs and their success has been on an international scale as many have been sold to breeders all over the world. The legacy continues with the next generation as Dr Wynne’s son, David, has joined his father at Ceulan.

A native of Ceredigion, Dr Wynne Davies has been a member of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society since 1948 and has worked as their publicity officer since 1978. He is a prominent and familiar figure at the Royal Welsh Show, having been the Grand Parade commentator since 1976 and Main Ring commentator since 1980. A prolific and enthusiastic author, he is a recognized authority on Welsh Ponies and Cobs and has written many books on the subject.


From the Horse’s Mouth: Dr Wynne’s Diaries will be available from all good bookshops and online retailers.


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