Intrepid care workers to trek up Snowdon in aid of mental health charity 

Staff at Pendine Parl's Bodlondeb care home are taking part in a charity walk up Snowdon in aid of MIND while other staff and residents are taking part in a sonsored walk around the gounds of Pendine Park in Summerhill. Front, some of the staff off to Snowdon, from left, Rafal Glaz, Olga Azarcon and Ian Wojdyta watched by residents and staff who will walk around the site, Cristy Juarana, Bodlondeb Registered Manager Anne Chapman, Bob Stalker, Gerard Bailey, Garry Cobb, and Gary Weir


A group of intrepid care workers will trek up Wales’ highest mountain in aid of a mental health charity.

The intrepid crew who work at Bodlondeb care home at Pendine Park care organisation, Wrexham, are going to climb Snowdon on July 4 to raise money for MIND.

Whilst they’re on their on their way up the 3,560ft mountain, residents of Bodlondeb dementia and mental health care centre will be completing their own challenge by walking around the grounds of care organisation Pendine Park.

Olga Azarcon, 41, day room manager at Bodlondeb at Pendine Park, explained why they’ve decided to support MIND.

She said: “Mental health is a cause close to our hearts. We deal with people who have different mental health conditions every day. Those are the type of people we care for. It ranges from dementia to schizophrenia, to clinical depression and OCD.

“We don’t just deal care for older people. We care for younger people too. It’s not just older people who live in care homes.

“We look after people with complex needs. The job is rewarding and I feel happy working here at Pendine Park.

“MIND gives emotional support to people who ate suffering from mental health problems.

“It also campaigns on mental health issues and helps get rid of the stigma surrounds the subject. Mental health is just as important as physical wellbeing.

“People often try to suppress their feelings. They need to be able to talk about them.”

The mother of three, who is originally from Nueva Cecija in the Philippines is looking forward to the challenge.

She added: “Snowdon is very beautiful. We have similar mountains back home in the Philippines. There are a lot of hills in the Philippines. It’s very green.

“At Pendine Park we try to forge a sense of belonging with the residents and getting them to walk round the grounds while we’re climbing Snowdon is a way of doing that.”

Bodlondeb resident Gary Cobbs, 49, said: “I’m going to be taking part in the walk. I’m looking forward to it a lot. I enjoy doing the activities at Pendine Park. Most days you do something different so there’s a lot of variation.

“I also take part in the art classes where I draw all sorts of things.

“We do things like bake cakes. I also like to sing karaoke because it’s a laugh. We have a big book with loads of different songs in it. My favourite song to sing is Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club.”

Fellow Bodlondeb resident Gary Weir, 53, added: “I’m going to be taking part in the walk as well. It’s something fun to do, and it’s an easy way to keep fit. I enjoy walking at Pendine Park because the grounds are excellent. It’s picturesque here.

“The staff here are great as well. I like them because they do a lot for you.”

Senior care practitioner Susan Craig, added: “Here at Pendine Park we treat everyone as individuals because everybody’s needs are different. People respond to different things so we cater to that. It’s person centred care.

“A group of residents from Bodlondeb will be doing a walk within the grounds which will coincide with our trek up Snowdon. We see it as a team-building exercise as well as a way to raise money for a wonderful cause.

“The residents love to walk round the beautiful grounds at Pendine Park, especially when the weather is good. It’s important that the residents have the opportunity to be active.

“I’ve worked here at Bodlondeb since 2010. It’s incredibly rewarding work.”