July exhibition of Jacob Buckland’s work at MOMA Machynlleth

Jacob Buckland

Carmarthenshire artist Jacob Buckland is holding his first exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth until July 23, showing paintings especially created for this ‘Line and Colour’ show.

Afon Gamlan by Jacob Buckland.
Afon Gamlan by Jacob Buckland.


The paintings follow his visits to the mountains, woodlands, wetlands and rivers of Wales between late winter and early summer. His work reflects personal observations and feelings about a place, focusing on rural Welsh landscape and nature and has an intriguing ephemeral quality.


“My work is a response to observations and feelings about particular places and moments in time,” said Jacob. “Landscapes are transformed by weather and season, day and night and can momentarily appeal to personal sensibilities.


“Spending time in the landscape and experiencing the transient effects of light and weather helps me to understand something of the essence of a place, which I hope to record in some way through painting and drawing.”


Born in Somerset, Jacob grew up in Shropshire and studied at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2003.


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