Legendary free admissions to King Arthur’s Labyrinth

Fergus Meredith and Rabia Ali in Arthurian costumes at King Arthur’s Labyrinth with Afon Mêl Mead.

A Mid Wales attraction will be celebrating the launch of the long-awaited film King Arthur – Legend of The Sword with a special offer for visitors who dress up in costumes for the occasion.

Fergus Meredith and Rabia Ali in Arthurian costumes at King Arthur’s Labyrinth with Afon Mêl Mead.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth at Corris, near Machynlleth is encouraging visitors to don suitable Arthurian attire to gain free admission during the film release weekend, beginning on Friday, May 19.

The new film, which was partly filmed in Snowdonia, is directed by Guy Richie and is hoped to be the next Warner Bros box office hit.

Ian Rutherford, director at King Arthur’s Labyrinth, said: “The release of this new King Arthur film couldn’t be more timely as Wales is celebrating its Year of Legends and everyone is thinking of legends and looking for legendary experiences.

“We’re offering a free visit to King Arthur’s Labyrinth from May 19-21 for all visitors dressed in Arthurian costumes.  For men and boys, we are thinking of a full knight’s outfit, possibly chainmail, helmet and mock swords and for ladies and girls, a Guinevere style dress and period headwear.”

During the weekend, and for visitors who have arrived in Arthurian style costumes, there will also be free tastings of Afon Mêl Welsh Mead, now produced at the New Quay Honey Farm, which is claimed to be the legendary drink consumed by King Arthur and his men before charging into battle.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth opens daily from 10am to 4.45pm, when last boat leaves reception. Visitors to the mysterious visitor attraction are taken on a journey through the cascading veil of an underground waterfall to discover a magical place where tales from the mists of time are retold. Tales of fiery dragons, colossal giants, fierce battles, the legendary King Arthur and a brand new feature, Dragon River, unfold deep beneath the mountains of Southern Snowdonia.

This underground adventure is cool when the weather is hot and a dry when it’s raining outside.