Police issue towing warning

Damage caused to the car travelling behind the trailer.

Motorists towing trailers are being warned to check that their vehicles are suitable after a man was recently fined by the courts and banned from driving for six months following a collision last year.


Officers from the Roads Policing Unit are issuing the warning ahead of the busy spring and Easter periods where many will be travelling on the region’s roads towing caravans and trailers.


Last week a 46-year-old man from Runcorn admitted careless driving, was fined £1,000 and banned from driving for six months after the boat he had been towing on the A545 between Menai Bridge and Beaumaris became detached and collided with another vehicle.


The large two-tonne rib boat was 174 per cent overweight for the trailer which did not have an independent braking system.


The woman, who was travelling in the Mini car behind the trailer, was taken to hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries.


PC Scott Martin from North Wales Police’ Roads Policing Unit said: “We are urging motorists who tow trailers to exercise caution and ensure their vehicles are suitable for towing.


“Particular attention should be paid to the condition and pressure of the tyres on both the towed and towing vehicle, and the weight of the load being towed should be evenly distributed. The weight should not exceed the trailer’s specification.”


“Drivers should also be aware of how towing affects the vehicle’s performance and in particular braking distances.”


“The driver of the Mini travelling behind the trailer was extremely lucky not to have been killed. This could easily have been a tragedy. Anybody towing a vehicle should take responsibility for their maintenance to ensure the safety of all road users.”


The photograph shows the extent of the damage caused to the vehicle which was travelling behind the trailer towing the boat.


Further advice regarding the rules surrounding the towing of vehicles can be found via the Government website (https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-and-what-you-can-tow)