Pump FX classes at Gwynedd leisure centres

Anna Morgan from Gwynedd Council’s Healthy Communities Service leading a workout

Gwynedd Council will shortly be launching Pump FX fitness classes at all its leisure centres – further enhancing the group exercise programme on offer.


Pump FX workouts use low weights at high repetitions in order to build lean muscle and higher bone density, providing a total body workout that improves strength and endurance. The workouts are suitable for anybody looking to get lean and toned, with instructors guiding the class through a series of proven moves and techniques, whilst providing encouragement and motivation.

Ian Jones, Gwynedd Council Senior Healthy Communities Manager said: “Pump FX classes have grown to be one of the world’s most popular group exercise classes – breaking down the stigma that women especially shouldn’t, or couldn’t do weight training. It increases muscular strength and endurance as well as improving bone density. The classes are suitable for both men and women of all age ranges and fitness abilities, who want to add something different to their physical activity regime.”

Gwynedd Council’s Healthy Communities Service has invested in specific equipment for the Pump FX workouts, as well as training staff in order to deliver these workouts.

The Healthy Communities Service is also looking to expand and increase its group exercise programme for the future, in order to provide value for money to customers, whilst also encouraging the county’s population to live healthier lives by participating in physical activity.

Leisure centres will be offering taster session to customers wanting to try out the workouts and to also learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively, before launching their full programme of Pump FX workouts. Information regarding times and dates will be posted on the Healthy Communities Facebook and Twitter pages, on the Council website www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/leisure or by contacting your local Gwynedd Council Leisure Centre.