Richard’s close shave for cancer charity

Richard Ingham, 52, is the laundry coordinator and driver at Pendine Park Care Homes. He had his head shaved as part of the Macmillan Cancer Care Razor Shave Challenge.

A laundry worker had a hair-raising experience to raise money for a cancer charity after his brother in law died of the disease.

Richard before the head shave
Richard before the head shave

Richard Ingham, 52, who works as a laundry co-ordinator and driver at the Pendine Park care organisation in Wrexham, had his head shaved in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care.

He’s already raised in excess of £450 with more cash still coming in.

Richard, a qualified social worker who worked with the palliative care team at Wrexham Maelor Hospital for more than 30 years before taking on a part-time role at Pendine Park, is a regular fund-raiser for cancer charities.

He said: “My wife, Carys, and I have long supported cancer charities and we will continue to do what we can.

“We lost my brother-in-law, Gordon Fletcher, to cancer nine years ago and we have also had close friends battle various forms of the disease.

“When Carys and I celebrated our silver wedding three years ago we asked for donations in support of cancer charities in lieu of presents and raised more than £1,000 and Carys did the same with her 50th birthday and raised a really good amount.

“And I’ve done the same with my 40th and 50th and raised money for Nightingale House Hospice too.”

“I decided to take on the Macmillan Razor Shave Challenge and have a whole new look by having my head shaved. Carys and I organised a barbecue at home and invited friends around and during the evening I had my head shaved.

“I’ve never been bald before and it does feel a bit strange but I’m getting used to it although I know Carys isn’t so sure I think she prefers me with hair to be honest.

“I might keep it shaved for a while though, I’m sort of getting used to it and it is quite cool in summer.”

“Our son, Steffan, 25, is quite impressed with my new look though even if Carys isn’t too sure.”

He added: “I’ve only just started at Pendine Park just over a month ago and really enjoy it. It’s almost therapeutic after all the stress of the last 33 years.

“I’m still in the care sector and I enjoy getting around the different Pendine Park care homes. I’m enjoying working part-time and I’m working with a really good team.”

Wife Carys, 57, who has just retired from her assistant head teacher role at Rhosnesni High School in Wrexham, admits while she isn’t overly keen on her husband’s new look she is getting used to it.

She said: “It doesn’t look quite as bad as I thought it would. I do hope he grows his hair back though in time I do prefer him with hair rather than without.

“I’m really proud of him though for fundraising for Macmillan, it must take some guts to have your head shaved like that. I’m really pleased all our friends supported Richard and helped him raise such a good amount of money.”

She added: “Since we lost our brother-in-law, Gordon Fletcher, who is always at the forefront of our thoughts, and saw so many close friends affected by cancer we have both done all we can to support cancer charities. We just feel it’s important.

“Richard is really enjoying working at Pendine Park. He’s really happy and enjoying the role.”

Pendine Park’s catering manager, Chris Tracey, said: “I  take my hat off to Richard for doing this and so many other things to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

“He has been a fantastic addition to the team and he has a heart of gold, like to many other people who work here.”