Stena Line Ports invest in new pilot boat at Holyhead

    The new pilot boat at Holyhead

    LEADING ferry company Stena Line has invested in a new pilot boat to be used at Holyhead Port.

    The boat was built by Holyhead Marine Services Ltd to a design created by Camarc Design and will be used by Stena Line for pilotage operations in and out of the Port of Holyhead.

    The pilot boat is 13 metres in length with a max speed of over 27 knots and will be used to transfer up to four pilots and two crew members to and from ships that are entering and leaving the Port of Holyhead.

    The new pilot boat at Holyhead

    Captain Wyn Parry, Stena Line’s Irish Sea South Ports Manager said: “We’re delighted that our acquisition of the new pilot boat in Holyhead has allowed us to invest in and support the local economy.

    “It was important for Stena Line to try and support the local maritime industry where possible and we are delighted with the design and build quality that Holyhead Marine Services have been able to provide for us.

    “The new pilot boat will prove essential to the daily operations of the port in terms of embarking and disembarking the ports pilots safely on and off the ships they help guide into and out of the harbour.”

    Nick Colin York, Managing Director of Holyhead Marine Services Ltd commented: “We’re very proud of the hard work that has gone into the building and design of the new pilot boat.

    “It features a resiliently mounted wheelhouse which will give crew a comfortable and quiet working environment and a Popsure fender system which will add to the safety of operations as it spreads impact loads over a large area.”

    “This craft is a welcome addition to Holyhead Marine’s portfolio of composite pilot boats designed by Camarc Design and has extended the existing range to include this smaller and more economic model.  In keeping with maritime tradition, the Port Authority has christened the new boat and called it St Columba,” added Nick.

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