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Traffic Monsoon World Bank Webinar Charles & Immy Aslam – You can contact Paypal as much as you want, they won’t give you that information, they’re not allowed to.

As to the processing fees, that does not matter. your earnings outweigh the processing fees.

The fact of the matter is I personally have referrals who have bought 500, 2500, 5000 in adpacks, where Paypal turned these payments into e-cheques and stopped the payments going through into Traffic Monsoon.

By turning those cash payments into e-cheques and making my referrals wait between 7 and 14 days, so Traffic Monsoon can get paid, and my referrals can start making money, instantly, they have to wait for Paypal to decide to pay out. So, in reality, I’m losing commissions that I could use to purchase ad packs and grow my income and my referrals are not making anything either.

Not to mention, I also have referrals in Asia, where Paypal, Payza and STP don’t work.

So, we need to grow. And TM World Bank is the solution.

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