Young fashion designer Gethin weaves his magic with a new range of silk scarves

Gethin Hughes pictured inside the Boothtown Mill, Halifax with his new scarves on the loom.

A talented young designer is aiming to get the luxury fashion market wrapped up in his striking new range of woven silk scarves.

Gethin Ceidiog Hughes, a former pupil of Ysgol Glan Clwyd in St Asaph, says reaction from potential customers has already been strong and he is aiming to sign lucrative deals with top end boutiques to showcase them right across the UK.

Gethin, 25, who completed his MA at the famous Cardiff School of Art and Design and has rapidly established a formidable reputation as a photographer and printmaker, has spent the past year masterminding patterns for women’s scarves inspired by the work of iconic Russian painter Kazimir Malevich.

And he has turned to a traditional silk weaving mill in Halifax, West Yorkshire, to have them woven ready for the shops.

Gethin Hughes pictured inside the Boothtown Mill, Halifax with his new scarves on the loom.

Gethin, who’s from Denbigh, said: “Right from my days studying in Cardiff I was inspired by the 1915 painting Black Square by Malevich who was a pioneer of geometric abstract art.

“All six designs for the scarves, which I’m marketing under the brand name Wilding, my mother’s middle name, are derived from the painting and are variations on the same theme of black and white squares.

“After producing the designs I worked with a traditional weaving mill in Halifax.

“The quality of their work is exceptional and they have previously produced canopies for Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London.

“My scarves are woven using a technique known as double plain, which means the positive of the pattern is woven onto one side while the negative appears on the other. As result it makes the scarves more interesting.”

Gethin added: “I’m aiming for the luxury end of the market and they will retail at £200, which is reasonable considering I used the finest silk to make them.

“Each scarf is individually washed and finished by hand with great care and attention to bring the very best out of the luxurious material. This ensures I deliver a scarf of exceptional quality using traditional methods whilst evoking a striking and contemporary design.

“The scarves are already on display in the shop at Ruthin Craft Centre and I’m currently negotiating potential contracts with a couple of luxury independent boutiques. My aim is eventually to have them on sale across the UK.

“Things have been going very well and I’ve had lots of positive feedback so far.

“I’m a multi-disciplined artist and I intend to develop the range and come up with more products under the Wilding brand.”

Gethin spent the summer training with artists and printers as part of the Proof Scholarship scheme at the Regional Print Centre which is part of Coleg Cambria in Wrexham.

He’s currently concentrating on making sure his designer scarves are a big hit with buyers.

“It’s not just about coming up with the patterns and overseeing their production,” he said.

“I’m also drawing on the range of skills I learned doing my MA course at Cardiff under the mentorship of Dr Stephen Thompson who helped me develop my ideas and philosophy.

In the world of photography Gethin has had assignments for major events and festivals in Cardiff, which gave him the opportunity to picture a string of major international DJs and music bosses, including the legendary drum and bass producer Goldie.

Examples of Gethin’s powerful work have been published in Complex Magazine, Drum & Bass Arena, Wales Online, BBC Wales and also in regional newspapers.

In 2015 he staged his first photographic exhibition in Cardiff and at this exposure sparked off a boom in his projects, including the Sunfall Festival in London and collaborations with a host of artists including Bristol-based music producer Dr Meaker.

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