Animal rescue charity struggles after Landrover theft


An animal rescue charity is struggling after their Landrover Defender was stolen.

The Freshfields Landrover Defender that was stolen last week in Prestatyn.
The Freshfields Landrover Defender that was stolen last week in Prestatyn.

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre, based in Nasareth, near Caernarfon, look after 36 horses and ponies, a 100 cats and eight dogs.

They act as a temporary refuge and sanctuary for an endless cycle of animals in need of help.

Their aim is for the misery to stop once they reach the centre, with each animal receiving the food, medication, socialisation and the love it needs.

The centre has been running for 11 years and founder and manager Lesley Tarleton said: “I was set to do some home checks on horses we have housed in the Prestatyn area last Tuesday, and as my sister lives there, I decided to stay over, so I could do the home checks the next morning.
“But, when I woke up, it had gone.
“The Landrover (complete with Freshfields signs on the side) was clocked by police computer at midnight in Helsby in Cheshire, but nothing has been reported since and I’m not hopeful.”
“This is a massive blow to us, I was due to deliver a pony the next day, and we had to hire a vehicle, as a charity we cannot afford to be spending money like this, we’ve already had to stop admitting animals to the centre as it is.
“Because of the economy, we have seen a huge increase in people getting rid of unwanted animals, I would say that we are now in a worse situation than we were when we first started up.”
Freshfields have a charity shop in Caernarfon as well, and the manager Roy Allen, is also desperately looking for volunteers to help him staff the shop.
Lesley added: “If anyone knows of a suitable vehicle for sale, for no more than £8,000, it must be able to tow three and a half tonnes, as we use it to pull a large horse trailer which holds four ponies, can they please contact me on 01286 880808?
Anyone who wants to offer their help as a volunteer in the shop should also phone the same number above.