Celebrating the Welsh language at the Bangor Schools Jamboree

Pupils from Bangor schools enjoying the Jamboree.

Pupils from primary schools in the Bangor area recently came together to celebrate the Welsh language in a special Jamboree organised by Siarter Iaith Gwynedd (Gwynedd’s Language Charter).


Siarter Iaith Gwynedd seeks to inspire every child in Gwynedd to make full use of the Welsh language in their everyday life and encourages them to keep on using the language outside of school and they host numerous fun activities in primary schools across the county throughout the year.


The aim of the Bangor Area Primary Schools Jamboree was to celebrate Welsh identity by singing songs and by building the children’s confidence to use the Welsh language and to be proud of speaking the language. The event also coincided with a week of St David’s Day celebrations held in Bangor.


There were a variety of activities during the day including a puppet show by ‘Cwmni Cortyn’ and a Jamboree songs sing-along with Ynyr Llwyd and Elin Fflur. The day of celebration came to a close by releasing 340 yellow Siarter Iaith balloons with the intention of taking the Welsh language on a journey as far away as possible


Councillor Dyfed Edwards, Gwynedd Council Leader who addressed the children at the Jamboree said: “I was particularly pleased to attend the Bangor Area Primary Schools Jamboree and to join in the celebrations with around 350 children, teachers and parents. It was a great experience to be a part of the fun and excitement and the children’s enthusiasm was a joy to see.


“The hope is through this enthusiasm the children will use Welsh not only in the classroom but also socially, whatever their background or their community’s linguistic pattern may be.”


So far, two of the balloons have been found far beyond Gwynedd; one on Crosby beach by Liverpool and Buxton and another as far as North Wooton, Norfolk.