Floods in North Wales Natural disaster

floods in wales

With the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo set to hit Wales and the rest of the UK today, warnings have been issued for 70mph winds,  many homes in South Wales have been left without power and there are warnings that driving conditions may be difficult.

2014 has already been a year of extremes weather wise, some are predicting that we are facing the coldest Winter for years.

And September was the driest month since records began.

In February 2014, we saw the most astonishing weather Great Britain and Ireland have ever seen. England, Scotland & Wales were flooded by stormy winds.

The worst flooded areas across the UK included Somerset, Aberystwyth, Christchurch, Dorset, Oxfordshire, South Wiltshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and the Isle of Wight.

This was the  Great British weather at its worst.

Extremely fierce winds blew up some powerful sea tides, resulting in severe flooding and surging throughout much of the United Kingdom during the week, and police warned tourists chasing these storms and tides that they were putting their lives in danger.

A lovely trip to Bangor turned into anything but when we were met with extreme weather, floods and traffic chaos. The result was that it took over 4 hours to travel 25 miles.

North Wales floods Llanrug and Llanberis floods near Caernarfon North Wales on Thursday,  22/11/2012, you can see the video of the Llanberis floods and St Asaph North Wales by clicking on the videos below.

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