RC helicopter setup

RC helicopter setup


RC helicopter setup and assembly

Hello and welcome to RC helicopter setup and assembly website where you will find how to videos mainly about RC helicopters as well as articles and images.

Also we will be reviewing brand new RC helicopter models direct from the manufacturers sent to our studios for test flying, durability etc.

We’re also looking to review some very cool gadgets too, so if you are a RC manufacturer who would like to send some samples for review, then please use the contact us page. I began flying RC helicopters back in 2005 with nothing more than just me and the model.2ac4fc4d-54ff-4ac2-a1ef-40af43a85d0f

I bought the model helicopter off a friend who had given up trying to fly it as the manual alone was not much help and there was no-one to to show him how to fly it.

One year later he gave up and well, yep, I got the beauty and beast from him and for months it was nothing more than mass destruction, ordering parts from the internet only to crash it 4 to 5 days later with no sign of it taking off towards the sky.

It was pretty much a game of cat and mouse, 4 to 5 days to get it together and 5 seconds to destroy till we got to the point where all my family members and friends couldn’t watch it any more.

Until eventually the wife found a DVD set online for the exact same model, and before playing the very first DVD I had never heard about gyro on a rc helicopter or pitch, swashplate, collectives, throttle curve, all those things that a manual does not quite do justice to and I was only able to discover that through video.

Because I understand the frustrations and want to pass on knowledge and interact with other enthusiasts, I decided to put together RC Helicopter Setup and Assembly videos website.

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