Get street fit with Dawns i Bawb

Get street fit with Dawns i Bawb
Get street fit with Dawns i Bawb

Dawns i Bawb, community dance organisation, is a charity which delivers dance activities for all ages and abilities across North West Wales.

Get street fit with Dawns i Bawb
Get street fit with Dawns i Bawb

Have you always wanted to try Street Dance? Dawns i Bawb brings you the newest dance craze to come to North Wales, an amazing workout session called Street Fit and not to be missed.

This is your chance to test a brand new and explosive fitness programme designed to maximise fat burn while using Street Dance.

Street Fit Classes are the first dance fitness classes in the UK based around Street Dance. Street Fit uses the aerobic and muscle toning aspects of Street Dance to create a fun and high energy fitness class which helps to increase energy and strengthen and tone your muscles whilst improving balance and flexibility.

Experts say the upbeat workout is set to revolutionise the world of fitness by re igniting passion for exercise.

Instructors Ben Brodie and Eirian Foster will introduce you to an hour of high intensity aerobic exercise and muscle toning in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Join them at Harlech, Colwyn Bay and Caernarfon and Feel the Burn with a free taster session available at the following venues:-


Monday 19 January at Memorial Hall Harlech  7pm-8pm

Monday 19 January at Festri Horeb, Rhiw Road Colwyn Bay 7pm-8pm

Wednesday 21 January at Galeri Caernarfon 7.30pm-8.30pm

Please contact to book your free taster.

These classes are for adults only.