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Mike Peters The Alarm

Mike Peters, the internationally acclaimed musician of The Alarm, and special guests, will rock the 2014 World Cancer Congress on Saturday 6th December at the Melbourne Convention Centre in Melbourne, Australia.
Mike Peters is known primarily as frontman of the internationally acclaimed Welsh band The Alarm. Mike is also an inspirational solo acoustic performer and (as a two times cancer survivor), founder of what is now regarded as the world’s leading rock and roll cancer charity ‘Love Hope Strength Foundation’.

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Mike Peters The Alarm
Mike Peters The Alarm

Mike Peters has played an acoustic guitar all his musical life and and the sound of the instrument has been at the core of all his work from the very beginnings of The Alarm to the present day.

Achieving over 15 Top 40 UK singles and over 5 million album sales worldwide along the way, Mike Peters’ musical journey has seen him sing with some of history’s greatest performers such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Bono. Mike has also taken his trusty acoustic guitar to some of the world’s highest elevations performing at ‘The Highest Ever Concert On Land’ at 18,500 feet on Mt. Everest (2007), and more recently at 19,380 feet at the summit of Kilimanjaro (2009) and Mount Fuji (2010).

Mike Peters formed The Alarm in 1981, first becoming successful soon after with classic singles such as ‘Sixty Eight Guns’ and ‘Rain In The Summertime’ and building a reputation for all out shows based on their thoughtful and challenging music.

In 1992, Mike Peters and The Alarm became one of the first bands to have a dedicated internet site www.thealarm.com and in that same year, founded The Gathering, the annual Mike Peters-hosted ‘Alarm’ event held in North Wales which now attracts fans from all over the world.

Throughout most of the 1990’s Mike Peters took a step back from The Alarm, beginning with the release of ‘Breathe’ in 1994 (which debuted at number 5 in the U.K. independent charts). A second solo album, ‘Feel Free’ (1996) documented Mike Peters’ first battle with cancer (Non Hodgkins Lymphoma). Rejecting conventional treatment, Mike Peters went to see a faith healer instead, and continued to tour extensively in the UK, Europe and USA. Upon being told that ‘green’ was a powerful colour in his life, Mike Peters wore green combat fatigues every day until he eventually went into spontaneous remission.

In 2000, it was time for Mike Peters to reconvene The Alarm once more, touring in support of the groundbreaking ‘The Alarm Complete Collection’ (the band’s entire 1980′s musical output in a nine-CD box set, along with a ground-breaking bonus ‘audio dedication’ CD personally recorded by Mike Peters). Never before or since, has such a gesture been undertaken by a recording artist.