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Emmerdale – Ruby Leaves Emmerdale

Aired 30th October 2014 (30/10/14)

Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Eastenders – the latest

Coronation Street and Emmerdale are beating Eastenders hands down in the ratings and rightly so. But, Eastenders are fighting back with the return from the dead of the tried and trusted villain, Nasty Nick Cotton,...

Emmerdale – Moira attacks an intruder

Aired 29th October (29/10/14)

Emmerdale – Cain and Aaron threaten Maxine

Aired 29th October (29/10/14)
Christmas toys

Christmas toys

There are only 58 more days until Christmas,  but shops are already starting to stock Christmas toys and the television toy commercials are also non-stop. This year, I have decided to be organised and have...
Car fire stops traffic in Bangorvideo

Car fire in Bangor

Car fire in Bangor brought traffic to a standstill in Bangor, North Wales today. The car was engulfed in flames at around midday today at Caernarfon Road in the city. A crash had occurred between the car...

Mike Peters 2014 World Cancer Congress – Trailer

Mike Peters The Alarm Mike Peters, the internationally acclaimed musician of The Alarm, and special guests, will rock the 2014 World Cancer Congress on Saturday 6th December at the Melbourne Convention Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Mike...
Beef Stroganoff

Jamie’s Quick Beef Stroganoff 15 Minute Meals

Jamie's back with this incredible beef stroganoff recipe. Prime cuts of sliced steak in a delicious creamy yogurt and mushroom sauce livened up with an onion pickle and a dash of brandy. An really...

Caernarfon Castle

Saint Patrick's Day in Caernarfon Castle Tour and Overview - free access for all on Saint Patrick's Day to the most preserved castle since the 11 century. Saint Patrick's Day in Caernarfon Castle Tour and...

Emmerdale – Robert Sugden and Lawrence White Return To Buy Home Farm

Aired 23rd October 2014 8:00PM (23/10/14)All rights ITV Emmerdale.

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